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About Big Shoota

What is BIG SHOOTA? It’s a site for Orky Insparashun! After researching orks online I felt that they we’re under-represented so I’m throwin’ my three teef into the ring about those crazy orks. My warboss is Red Jack, named for his need to have his entire army wear red jack-boots.

Most of the site is, frankly, me showing off my orks. I put a lot of time into these bad boyz and I feel pretty good about them. No Golden Demons here but I’m of a mind that not only do I want a well rounded, ass-stompin’ ork army, I want it to look good too! There’s no reason a greasy, grimy ork can’t look as good as the Sisters of Battle or the fancy new (insert newest codex here).

DISCLAIMER: I know there are some great miniature painters out there and some awesome looking orks so the comments above are not general blanket statements that cover all ork sites and artist. These are just my personal opinions and I’ve got’em just like everyone else.

BIG SHOOTA.COM started as an online journal of sorts in my pursuit of mastering the art of miniatures painting. I wanted to show people the steps in my learning process. My successes and my failures. My thought was it may be interesting to see somebody in the process of learning this art. Hopefully others would use it as inspiration for themselves to either improve their current level of work or continue on and keep trying when you feel like you just can’t get it right.

While I find that I can finish painting a mob of 30 boyz to higher than average quality, I don’t quite have the tenacity it takes to remind myself to take pictures every step of the way. I get too excited to finish a project and all the good will towards showing you how I do things goes right out the window. Sometimes, as I remember though, I’ll try to show you a process or way of thinking. Otherwise, it’s just me and my orks now.

Of course I will attempt to update this site as often as I work on my skills or after every 40K match with after-battle pics, but you know how that usually works ;-P [sfwp id=2 img=closespan.png] [sfwp id=1 img=closediv.png]