Big Shoota

Tools – Construction

Doing a model correctly, whether it’s a miniature of a single figure, or a large multi-kit diorama, consists of two separate areas. Construction and Painting. For this reason I’m breaking up the Big Mek Manual into two sections. One for Assembly and one for painting. Both will have some similar areas, like this Tool section, but will only focus on either putting something together, or painting it.

I’ve split this particular Construction Tools section further into Cutting/Drilling, Holding/Clamping, Glues/Adhsives and Everything Else.

Cutting/Drilling will focus on knives, blades, drilling tools.

Holding/Clamping will cover pliers, mini-clamps, tweezers, etc.

Glues/Adhesives will be about the myriad types of ways to stick things together.

Everything Else will be tools that don’t really do what the previous two do. Sanding, filing and other miscellany.