Big Shoota

More Big Mek Engine Work

More bommer work done after the initial spaz about the warbuggies…

Here’s some parts in subassembly stage.

I’ve gotten the putty rounding the engine cowlings done, although not the best. I should have done a one extra engine that I tested everything out on first. Could have been helpful with the bad shaping job on the first engine (you’ll know it when you look at it. I’m hoping the paint will mask some of that.


I’m going to figure out the wing attachment method next, then i can move on to the second engines that will be strapped to these. I’ll be building the general internal structure and everything that needs to be really strong first. Then I’ll go back and add all the detailing and pretty things up so most of the work at the beginning won’t be too exciting or beautiful to look at.

p.s. the internal fins at the back are from paint roller end caps. You’ll recognize these if you ever painted the inside of houses with rollers