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Pulsa Rokkit – A Big Mek’s Work is Never Done

OK, got some work done – did the strapping that attaches the engines to the rokkit and started work on one of the launch platforms.

Ork Pulsa Rokket
Ork Pulsa Rokket

Been busy with work and getting ready to go on a 2 1/2 week vacation! My wife won a vacation trip in a local raffle ($5,000 worth!!!!) so we’re taking two and a half weeks to take the Amtrak along the northern trail to Seattle and stay there for a couple of days, then get on a Celebrity cruise ship and sail up and down the Alaskan coast for 7 days. Then a little more time in Seattle before training it back to Minnesota. It’s been almost 25 years since I’ve had more than 10 days off in a row – I hope I remember my job when I get back!

That also means no work on the rokkits (or the skullhammas) til we get back. I think there’s only three weeks until the in-store Apoc demo after that so I’ll have to work fast to wrap them all up in time.

Thanks for watching and I’ll try post some pics of the trip somewhere.