The key to doing this is in the first pic, showing a small pilot hole in the outside engine nacelle with a larger hole on the other side. This is so I can actually fit the screw head into the pipe and physically screw it through the interior engine shell. AS shown later, this just happened to be the same diameter as the tubing I’m using to attach the outer engines so they fit fairly snug before epoxying.

I used a large piece of I-beam as a spacer between the two engines and it handily hides the screws

Now the second engine is attached.

I had some rigid, thicker plastic tubing laying around that will work perfect for support struts between the second and outer engines. I drilled a few holes and epoxied everything together. Here’s the bommer after tonights work…

OK – I know the starboard wing tilts up at the moment. It has to do with the angles of the screws and holes and how I laid them down on the template for fitting. I’m going to just sleep on a solution that won’t force me to do something drastic.

Feels good to be back in design/engineer/Big Mek mode again.