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  • Deff Arsenal Finished

    Finished the Deff Arsenal. Pics. It may look a little sparse yet but don’t worry, all “plain” areas will receive due treatment before it’s over. I’ll do some of the plating around the nose and do whatever it is I decide to do with the chin (not sure yet – maybe more guns…) Then I’ll…

  • Can ya say More Deff Arsenal?

    More Deff Arsenal work today. Not 100% there but close. Got the nose guns and rokkets finished, now working on filling in the sides with various armaments. Just pics, not a lot of words. Dakka dakka dakka. Later!

  • More Deff Arsenal Kannons!

    Doesn’t look like much but spent some time working on the deff arsenal tonight. I detailed up the interior space in the nose tonight and finished off the gun receivers that “should” extend back into the fuselage of the plane. Things seem a bit open and unfinished in this space and that’s because it is.…

  • Deff Arsenal Kannons Done

    Three hours and two large barrels – it’s all I got tonight, but it’s a start. I didn’t have the room I thought I did when I was sketching things out away from the model so I don’t thing I’ll have room for the belt feed, oh well. Here’s the pics! Later!