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  • Mek Boy and Runtherders

    I’ve been on a of a break from active modeling/gaming lately as other aspects of my life become priorities. My wife is buying an advertising agency, we’re getting ready for a 50 hour trivia marathon (which we host a 20 person team from our house), and I’m planning a 32 man bar tournament –…

  • Runtherder and Battlewagon Krew

    Ok, quick update – I’m not dead, just really busy. Did manage in the last three weeks to wrap up the crew for the stock battlewagon and started the runtherder for the grot mob I did a while back. The runtherder is a really nice model with lots of detail and character, much like the…

  • LIttle Ork Stuff

    On to the details! Got to work this weekend finishing up the details for the stock GW battlewagon, mainly the crew and also the Runtherder from the box set I finished a while ago. Got the skin and straps done – shirts and pants are next. Later!