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Stormboyz keep marching on…

by on November, 11, 2011 in Fast Attack, Stormboyz - Comments Off on Stormboyz keep marching on…

Slow and steady wins the race, right? I must be winning something!

I’ve put in about 5 hours over the last two weeks with a bunch of piddly stuff on the stormboyz. straps and buckles, control boxes, and a couple of weapons. I find that I’ve got the NMM for small and round things down pretty good. The larger, flat open spaces need a bit of work. Here’s some detail shots before I did the reds and hoses for the weapons on four of them – the ones with the under-slung sluggas.

Ork Stormboyz WIP


Getting a little better at where to put the white highlights and how much – hands are still a little shakey though.

Orky Stormboy

And at the end of the night, a little conga line left and right. I still have the bolt on spike/blades on the one to finish and I’ll call these four done for now. I’ll move on to the other six stormboyz and do their weapons as they’re all pretty much the same combos of knives and sluggas. Then I’ll go through and do all the shoulderpads. After all that I get to figure out what to do with all the rokket packs!

I also wanted to introduce you to my painting buddy. His name is Rowdy and he lives up to every letter in his name. When he’s not raising hell around the house, he’s the cutest damn thing. Whenever I do my modeling, whether painting or creating stuff, he always parks himself within a couple of feet of me and sleeps. Never in my lap, always a short step away. He gives me a good excuse to wake him up every once in a while to take a break from whatever I’m doing. I know, he looks a bit strange here but he does this all the time. Not just lying on his back all stretched out but craning only his neck up and looking at you weird like this. I see it every morning while I’m ironing my clothes for work.

Rowdy’s wierd too.

My Cat Rowdy

It will probably be while before my next post again as my wife and I close on our new house (yay!) on Monday. Two weeks, at least. Under three if I can get enough stuff done and my painting hutch unpacked sooner rather than later. We’ll see.


NMM Playing and Grrrrrr! Squighound with Boootiful, Kissable Lips!

by on January, 02, 2011 in Troops - Comments Off on NMM Playing and Grrrrrr! Squighound with Boootiful, Kissable Lips!

OK, this is to prove I’m not dead yet… just extremely busy in the real world with real world crap.

I’ve spent some time over the last week painting the squighound for fun and the grabbin klaw for testing. I want to play around with doing NMM (non-metallics metals) so the runtherder is my first real test piece. So far, … eh, it’s alright in my book. I’ve spent a lot of time looking around and watching vids and such and there’s a real truth in this hobby to “you don’t really learn anything until you do it your self – whether it’s works or not.”

I’m learning that my blending skills still have a long way to go and I need to push the edges of my contrast a little more. What ever though, here’s the unfinished slaver about 90% done.

NNM metals

See, I’m not dead, just outta time for the time being.