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Grot Slavers

by on February, 24, 2011 in Troops - Comments Off on Grot Slavers

Feeling better (been sick the last week) so decided to break out the brushes today and slap some paint. Did the robes on the two slavers – one in red, the other in a dirty tan/off white. I’ll be painting the leather hoods in appropriately contrasting colors.


Progress will be slow(er) as I get the new hobby room sorted out and things hammered down for the Waaagh!Fest Pub Tournament coming up in July. I know, it seems like it’s a long ways away but there’s a lot to do I don’t want to wait til the last minute for anything dealing with this tournament. The trophies are in and only need them to be etched, now on to some prizes and getting the print stuff (rules, posters, etc.) generated for more publicity.


Mek Boy and Runtherders

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I’ve been on a http://wellmuth.de/ of a break from active modeling/gaming lately as other aspects of my life become priorities. My wife is buying an advertising agency, we’re getting ready for a 50 hour trivia marathon (which we host a 20 person team from our house), and I’m planning a 32 man bar tournament – they’ve all pretty much kept me away from the bench. I kinda welcome the break to be honest. I’ve got about a dozen projects started know and it bothers me to have so many “open” at once.

Since I don’t know when, or how much time I’ll have available to me at any one moment, I decided to grab three miscellaneous models from my unpainted stock and figured I’d putter away at them piecemeal until they’re done. I’ve chosen two slavers and a Mekboy with a KMB. All models I will be fielding more often so figured I’d gettem up to par.

Skin done.

Grot herders and Kustom Mega Blasta Mek Boy

This won’t last for long though. after the trivia contest next week my meks work/paint shop will be relocating to it’s own room downstairs (finally!). My wife is taking over the office upstairs and I’ll be taking over the “rumpus/sewing” room. It’ll be nice to spread out again and have everything I need at easy reach without having to dig through multiple closets and various storage spaces hidden around the house. This will take about a week or two so the shop will be closed till I get everything in place in the new room. I can’t wait!


Grots and Runtherder is finished!

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The runtherder is finished and rejoined by his grotty minions (which were finished in March of last year I might add…).


Grot Mob

Runtherder with Grot Mob

Not sure what’s on my plate next. I’ve got a lot of stuff to build [i]and[/i] a lot of stuff to paint. Real life is keeping me pretty busy so it’s not a priority to get anything in particular finished. I might just putter away at Gazghkull here and there for a while… (I know I;m a tease!)


LIttle Ork Stuff

by on November, 28, 2010 in Grot Mob, Heavy Support, Stock Battlewagon, Troops - Comments Off on LIttle Ork Stuff

On to the details!

Got to work this weekend finishing up the details for the stock GW battlewagon, mainly the crew and also the Runtherder from the box set I finished a while ago. Got the skin and straps done – shirts and pants are next.

Battlewagon Crew