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  • Finished Apocalypse Models!

    OK, back in the saddle again… Finished up the Apoc models I was working on, wrapping up the paintjob on the second Pulsa Rokkit. Nice to have them finished. Too big to fit all of them on my workbench at the same time so took over the kitchen table for a group shot. Fun to…

  • Damned Dirty Skullhamma (s)

    Washed… Badab Black applied with a brush. Nothing tricky, it does tie everything together nicely now. Later!

  • Skullahmma Work

    Small, been busy with half my website sick and in/out of the hospital. Everything is alright now and on the recovery track for all involved. Did the drybrushing highlighting and started the basing for the metals – edges of cut panels, guns/exhausts, etc. I also did the checks for one tank. Turned out alright…

  • Skullhamma construction is complete

    OK – second skullhamma tank build finished. Grayscaled for the same reason as before. I’m priming this one right now and taking a long time since the humidity outside is so high at the moment. Spray, bring it in, let is dry, go back out and spray again, come back in and let it dry.…

  • Skullhamma primed

    Primed and some Barry shots, – nobs and a battlewagon. On to paint!

  • Painting the Skullhamma Battle Fortress

    Now dey go FASTA!!! Masked off and ready to go to the garage for airbrushing. And now they’re red! They’re really bright at this point so they’ll look a little cartoony – this is even more pronounced in the photos than in real life. Next will be the metals and details, then a couple of…

  • Skullhamma Battlefortress Progress

    Finished the skullhammas sponsons tonight. I still have the rivets to do but I’ll do them all at the end. Here ya go! Next are the kannons. Later!