Big Shoota

Waaagh!Fest Tournament Board

Well, it’s not the USS Enterprise 😉 but I’ll be tracking my progress here for a little competition I’m having for our little Waaagh!Fest pub tournament in June. At the end of last years tourny, a number of us were hanging around with a beer discussing next years event. We came up with the idea to have an open competition to design and make a themed board. We’ll be posting voting thingy for them at the end of May and let people vote for which one they like the best. The winning board will be the centerpiece board that gets placed in a mini-UFC fighting ring/dance floor at the bar where we have the event. This is where the top two players will have their last match (Fight -ON!)

I think there’s about 6 or 7 people who are making boards already and of course I have to do one as well. My first thought was “ork mekyard” which ir right up my alley. After seeing the current state of my real life though I decided I might not be able to finish it so I fell back to an Imperial Promethium (or something else liquidy and valuable…) pumping station that needs to be guarded and have air landing access to. This allowed me to use a couple of kits I’ve had sitting on my shelves for about a year. The original idea was to orkify these but I can always pick up a few more when I get to that.

Here was my original layout of big stuff to sort through for consideration.

Skyshield Landing Pad

I spent about an hour pushing things around, adding and removing, looking for fire lanes and defenses and came up with this… (the coloring is mine in PS)

I’ve assembled the Bastion and the Skypad and they’re primed, ready for airbrushing today. These will be done up pretty standard, just with a really nice paint job. Then I’ll work on the pumping station part. I’m still not sure if I’ll include the greyish colored pipes/pump thing (was a Monsters Inc toy/game thing) and there’s going to me some trees and hills as well.