Big Shoota

Blasta Bommer Cockpit Details

I’m back from vacation and started it off right by whipping those parts grots inta shape!

Started work on the cockpit today. Put some gubbins in the back, a pilot, a control yoke and a commo-grot. Various plates, planks and rivets round out the detail.

Cockpit details

Here’s the parts pulled out so I can prime and paint.

Ork Pilot and Commo Grot

The big radio gubbin’ thing is a part from an old space ship model I’ve had lying around for about 25 years.The pilot, of course, is from the trukk kit and the grot’s from the stompa kit.

Here’s the detail of the interior plating…

interior details

Ork Bommer Cockpit Detail

The black marked areas are where the other cockpit parts are going to sit. I marked them out so I didn’t rivet any areas I didn’t have to.

I’m out of primer so there’ll be a little bit of running to do today before I can move on.