Big Shoota

Bride and Imperial Guard Testing


Did some work on the Bride and IG trooper tonight. You can’t see it from the photo but I airbrushed a coating of Bleached Bone over the entire gown, then do a white zenithal highlight from the top to let the Bleached Bone be my shadowing. It’s very subtle so nearly impossible to see in the pic. I’ve also done the bandaged arms.

I’m looking for a color scheme for my new guard army too so trying something on a trooper. The idea is a medium green cloth with black carapace armor and brown boots. Nothing too fancy, they’re army, errr, guard! I think I’ve got too much highlight area as the medium green is disappearing. This is also the first time I’ve every done human faces so it’s gonna take a little time to master that.

Now I’m off to research painting these guys eyes, they’re even smaller than orks!