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Fuselage complete, tail gunner done.

by on December, 28, 2012 in Apocalypse, Blasta Bommer - Comments Off on Fuselage complete, tail gunner done.

Got some time last night and forced my self to do what I’ve been putting off for while, the final paneling of the tail section. Because of the amount of compound curves I was at a loss as to how to do it so it looked “proppa” but not too ramshackle as I’ve already established a certain aesthetic with the front half of the fuselage. I pretty much just started cutting, heating and bending plastic until it fit and glued them in place calling it good.


And starboard.

Here’s the finishing on the tailgunner station. I was going in one direction with how to integrate this but through a lucky accident, came up with this solution.

Here’s the bottom side where the back hatch is. This is a bit messy, I agree. I’m torn with spending a lot more time making it smoother or sitting back and using the excuse that “no one will ever see it (much) so screw it.” I will do a snazzy hatch cover with glyphs but not sure about the rest.

Now I get to do real fun stuff with detailing the fuselage and rivets -woohoo! For reference, it took me three hours to rivet the tail alone. Thankfully there’s a fully stocked bar on the other side of my hobby space!


Best Ork Project of the Week: Paperclips Orky Warship

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I’m going to start a new feature through my social media outlets. Both has an experiment and a personal record of interests and such.  Each week I’m going to try an post something interesting about one of four subjects of interest. Warhammer 40K (and the hobby), beer, web design and development and/or trivia.

It also gives me an easy way to find all the cool crap I’ve found in one place. 🙂

I’m going to start with 40K. The Cool Ork Project of the Week. COPOTW! This weeks project is something that’s been going a while (the thread is 13 pages long, worth every page). Paperclips Ork Warship. A real, working, smoking, remote control ork warship that floats and looks killer. This one has been in progress for nearly two years and the level of detail is amazing. Make sure you check his work out. Awe inspiring work, Paperclip!


Back on the Squig

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Well, getting back on the squig after three weeks off. For those who care, this is where I went…

Trip to Seattle and Alaska Cruise

I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Back to the real reason everyone is here, orks and pictures!

Spent a little time last night putting the rivets on the 1st pulsa and primed the starter base making it officially completing the construction phase. The base still needs the groundwork finished and I need to pick up a tub of joint compound for both crash bases, just didn’t get around to it today.

Pulsa Rokkets

Pulsa Rokkets

Pulsa Rokkets

Pulsa Rokkets

Pulsa Rokkets

Pulsa Rokkets

Started the base to the second rokkit, not too far yet.

Pulsa Rokkets

Pulsa Rokkets

Hoping to finish the build be the weekend so I can put the base paint down and do metals and wash next weekend. We’ll see how it goes.