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  • Small Ork Apocalypse Army

    Quick shot of the 5K I’m bringing to the Apoc battle this weekend. Astute orks might notice two skullhammers when my recent list only calls for one. I couldn’t help posting this with both since they were both painted. So technically, this would be 5.4K not 5K even. I’ll only be using one this weekend.…

  • Skullhamma primed

    Primed and some Barry shots, – nobs and a battlewagon. On to paint!

  • Painting the Skullhamma Battle Fortress

    Now dey go FASTA!!! Masked off and ready to go to the garage for airbrushing. And now they’re red! They’re really bright at this point so they’ll look a little cartoony – this is even more pronounced in the photos than in real life. Next will be the metals and details, then a couple of…

  • First Skullhamma Complete

    OK. Finished with the first skullhamma, the other should be finished tomorrow with the hope of priming tomorrow night. Photos, that’s about it. I’ve greyscaled it because the color version is even harder to tell what’s what. Nothing too detailed or “soopa doopa orky”, just looted and plated enough to tell it’s not an imperial…

  • Kannons Komplete

    OK, forced once a week update here. Got the base kannons done so all the armaments are finished. I know they look all slapped on but I’ll be “blending” them into the body better in the scrapping/junking phase, which is next. Later!

  • Scrapification

    Started the armoring and scrapification of the first tank… Yes, a bit sloppy, but that’s what I’m going for. No one will mistake this for any other kind of unit on the table. Depending on schedule I’m hoping to be painting these things by next weekend. We’ll see. Later!

  • Skullhamma Battlefortress Progress

    Finished the skullhammas sponsons tonight. I still have the rivets to do but I’ll do them all at the end. Here ya go! Next are the kannons. Later!

  • A Pair of Skullhamma Battle Fortresses

    Started the work on the pair of Skullhammas tonight. Figured I’d get the armaments done first, then I can just slap plates and rivets and call it good. I spent about 20 minutes sifting through 4 big buckets of parts and came across these parts. I just new I’d have a use for these some…