Big Shoota

Weapons Research

OK, did some research and found a gun that gives me the look I want in the nose.
Ork Gunz
It’s a short barreled, drum fed M2 .50 machine gun. I did some sketching to see how it would fit within the space of the nose and decided against the drum feed and go with a belt feed that goes into the center space between the guns. I can include a couple of hatches down the nose for access to the ammo hoppers.

Deff Arsenal sketch

The barrels won’t be as long as what’s in the sketch or as short in the photograph, it’s just enough to give me the right idea. I’ll add a couple of big shoota/dakka gun type weapons on either side to fill out the space with more dacha.

Whew! Now I can’t wait to get home tonight and start cutting’