Big Shoota

Pulsa Rokkets!

OK – got a bit of a break. The guy I was building the other skullhammer and pulsa rokkit for can’t make the Apoc game this weekend so I only need to finish one of them. I could try and take both but because of the way the points are structured, it doesn’t make any sense. Besides, I’d rather take the other SKullhammer that;s finished already instead!

I hauled ass to get this thing where it is now – about 85% done. The whatever they are on the top aren’t painted, I can live with that. Not my best work, but as I stated at the beginning of these, how many times a year am I going to use these? On to the final pic…

Ork Pulsa Rokket
Ork Pulsa Rokkit

I’ll take some pics tomorrow of what I’m bringing to the game – nearly everything is painted so I’m pretty pleased about that.