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More Blasta Bommer Work – Gunna Get It Dome Someday!

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So I’m back in the saddle for a time, we’ll see how long it goes 😉

I’ve actually been working on and off on this monster for about three weeks and the only thing I’ve accomplished has been the metallic weathering. I know, not much to weathering, right? Egggad, I wish. For anyone who saw the tutorial a few years ago about my weathering using the Skullhamma’s, you’ll know it’s a long and tedious process. Sponged base/primer layer, then all hand done (with various size brushes) metals so they all stay nicely within (or trying to) the boundaries of the worn primer.

I’m done with the weathered metallics and done the brassy pieces and the main guns in the Deff Arsenal. I put it together for show since I haven’t seen it in one piece in about a year. It is coming together now and I can finally see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. Lots of smaller details like the exhausts, canopy, rear engine nacelles (black/white checks), bombs, and the Deff Arsenal. Then it’s back to washes for grime, an airbrush for smoke/exhaust smoke stains – a brief touch up on details to bring them back out from washing – then sealing. I’m really hoping to have this giant wrapped up by Halloween. We’ll see how that goes 😉

ps. I know there’s some shots without the main Deff Arsenal kannons – they were in the process of being painted when I took these. That also accounts for some barrel droop in some photos as well, they’re only blue-tac’d on at the moment.


And a couple of Barry shots – one shown against a dakka jet…..

And a different kinda Barry shot 😉

Grot Gunners and Dakkajet Weathering

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Paint. Paint. Paint!

Sadly, only enough for the little grotty gunners 🙂

Finished up the grot big shoota gunner turrets and realized I’ve run out of Evil Sunz Red so the main painting of the bomma will have to wait until I have a chance to get to the hobby shop (hopefully tomorrow).

Not that I don’t have other things I can paint – wait, I do! Three dakkajets I started ages ago are sitting there waiting to be finished. I’ve reached a point where I’m individually detail painting each jet to make them unique. There are two rites of passage for any ork player worth his/her salt when it comes to modeling and painting. Rivets and checks.  I started the checks a while back but finished cleaning them up and did the base weathering tonight.

Cleaned up and ready for weathering.

Black sponged wear areas…

Metallics picked out out on wear edges…

An application of watered down Gryphone Sepia over the checks – the brownish wash looks better over the white than the black og Nuln Oil, which was washed over the rest of the plane.

While waiting for the washes to dry, I started the pilots for each plane – easier since they’ll be painted primarily the same. Pics to come when I’ve got more than three coats of green on them 😉


Gun Port Hatches Finished

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A little bit finished tonight. If I keep this up It might be done by 2013!

Worked on the side gun hatches last night and tonight. Not much but something. 🙂


Stock GW Battlewagon Update

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Thanks Doc! The grass is a bit green – it’s GW’s flock so tends to be a bit bright. I can live with it.

Things have been a bit on the slow side for me in the hobby world as Real Life has gotten very, very busy as of late. I’ve got some very exciting things going on and want to take two lines to let you know about them.

One: My wife, along with another coworker, is buying the advertising agency we’ve both worked for for over 10 years. The owner is ready to retire and we’re taking over. That means a lot of time spent doing other things like buying a business! Makes me feel a bit old and all “responsible” like. Weird, I guess I’ve always considered my self as I have when I was 15 years old.

Two: I’m organizing/hosting a Warhammer40K Pub Tournament in the vein of  The Kalm Before the Waaagh! in Huntsville, Alabama. As much as I’d like to just waltz on down there and partake, it probably wont happen so I’m hosting my own in central Minnesota. I’ve been in touch with Da Reddaneks who run the Kalm and they’ve been extremely helpful and encouraging and they’re a bunch of great guys. It doesn’t happen until June of 2011 but there’s a lot to get ready.

So – short term, we’re buying a business – long term, I’m organizing a 30 person bar tournament. Doesn’t leave much for modeling but that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any…

I decided after the Apoc units I’d finish off the stock GW battlewagon I was working on. I’ve gone back over the metals and finished off the tracks and wheels. Not hugely different but it is another step towards completion. On to the pics!

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

I do have a 5K Apocalypse battle to get prepared for (15,000 per side) so I’m not completely out of the gaming side either, just not as much as usual. And, as promised, I’ll be doing the full on End of the Year Army Shot next week over Thanksgiving weekend so that should be fun as well.


Pulsa Rokkets!

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OK – got a bit of a break. The guy I was building the other skullhammer and pulsa rokkit for can’t make the Apoc game this weekend so I only need to finish one of them. I could try and take both but because of the way the points are structured, it doesn’t make any sense. Besides, I’d rather take the other SKullhammer that;s finished already instead!

I hauled ass to get this thing where it is now – about 85% done. The whatever they are on the top aren’t painted, I can live with that. Not my best work, but as I stated at the beginning of these, how many times a year am I going to use these? On to the final pic…

Ork Pulsa Rokket

Ork Pulsa Rokkit

I’ll take some pics tomorrow of what I’m bringing to the game – nearly everything is painted so I’m pretty pleased about that.