Big Shoota

Battlewagon Exhausts

Got the smokestacks done last night. Not the smoothest operation, I tell ya. made two mistakes be recovered from them OK. One was using two part epoxy to attach the stacks to the mounting plates. They’re two different type of plastic so I know regular polystyrene glue wouldn’t hold. The two part simply slid right off after it set. I guess there wasn’t enough contact area or bite in the surfaces. I ended up using gap filling super glue and I’ll paint the glue marks as welds. Very Orky!

The other was I glued a set of stacks on the mounting plate backwards. Instead of peeling them off I rounded all the edges and made a new, thicker plate for them to rest on. They seem alright now.

I got the engine top plate in place and now looking around for what to put up against it interior wise. I’ve got scraps to look through, I just didn’t have that much time before calling it a night. I did dry fit some foamcore to test drivers compartment designs and Deff Roller scale. This is easier and cheaper (the foamcore) for me as I can get foamcore for nearly free where I work. I’m not digging the deisgn yet, I’ll have to look around and sketch a few things before moving forward there.

I’m also looking at how the deff roller will attach. It\’ll be tricky as I want a wide roller (more impressive looking) but where to attach a wider roller will take some planning. The blue/black hinged thing on top is a print cartridge holder from a cheap printer that I’ll repurpose for a boarding plank.

I might not get to spend anymore time with this untill Sat or Sun so be patient for updates. I told you it’ll be somewhat slow.