Begin the Bedazzler!

by on May, 12, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Begin the Bedazzler!

How’s this for motivation? My wife walks into the office, I’m hunched over the workbench sanding some spikey bits. She takes a look at the deff roller and remarks..

“Oh look, honey. You’ve Bedazzled your Ork thingy!”

Ok, that’s is, there will be primer on this thing before the day is out. In a hurry, I finished the arms for the roller and all the myriad bits I’m gonna put on it. Here’s a group shot before primering…

I finished off the other details areas that need to be done before painting. there’s a bunch of other little things like barbed wire, grots and bits I can put on later. I don’t mind scraping a little paint for gluing. On to painting!

After primering up what I thought was enough chain, I looked at the pics and figured I could use a lot more chain on that roller. Here I’ve started blocking sections out with Mechrite Red.

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