Big Shoota

Deff Rolla Construction

Made some progress over the weekend on the deff roller and had a little mini-vacation with the missus! Overall, a good weekend.

The first pic today is a composite showing some in process while making the rollers themselves. The first inset is the armature end that connects the rollers to the connecting arms. The red bars show where the rods will stop up against the plastic card inside to give it more stability and strength.

The others are the rollers, capped, and then the detail plates and capper glyphs for the end of the outside rollers.

The last couple are the model shown with the roller in place to see how it fits. I’ll have to shorten up the connecting arms and I’m still trying to work out how I want the ends to look, the parts that go up into the body. I’ll have to hide a couple of magnets too so I\’m going around and around in my head on how to do that.

I’m also on the hunt for a rotary leather punch tool to make rivets. It seems that’s the one final detail missing here to make this thing really look orky. I can’t seem to find one in town so off to I go…