Big Shoota

Deff Rolla, Kill Kannon and Armor Plating

I spent a lot of time this weekend drawing and cutting foamcore. After going around and around with many different design ideas, I came to the conclusion that GW’s Forgeworld version is pretty dang good and as good as any base design, so that’s where I’m going to work towards.

It took me forever to decide what to do with the drivers compartment and I figured out where to put connections for the deff roller to come. I chose the first picture (top) as that looks beefier. I read a passage this weekend in the Ork Codex about vehicles having spikey bits representing tusks to mimic the Squiggoths and was inspired to make a set of “tusks” that will protrude out of the same sockets that will attach the deff roller arms. Maybe I can find a way to work them somewhere else when the deff roller is on, we’ll see.

I’ve got the drivers compartment housing started and I’m working on the track covers and the shielding for the deff roller attachment points that will be on top of the tracks, next to the drivers extension. The top two photos show the foamcore testing and placement of a Kannon and a “Killkannon” for size comparisons along with a boy for scale. All weapons as well as a ‘ard Case for this will be modular/magnetized.