Big Shoota

Hiding Magnets

I got a few responses about how/where I hid the magnets for the Kill Kannon.

Here’s were the mags are hidden…

One of the parts containing the magnets is glued to the deck with a very (paper) thin sheet of styrene glued over it so the force isn’t weakened so much and it paints over easy. The other part is glue into the frame for the big gun mount. The third part of the photo shows an in progress shot of the whole thing working together.

I don’t want anything to look obviously like it’s magnetized to hiding them is important to me – so it looks like magic! I can actually hold the entire model by the gun mount and it hold securely. As to where I got the magnets – different places really. I got a large lot off ebay, very small ones that I used for the big shoota mounts – I traded half for some larger ones my buddy got off ebay as well. Sooo. I guess ebay is a good place to look, search for neodyne magnets.