Big Shoota

Magnetizing Kill Kannon Platform

Winter’s not done with us yet up here in Minnesota so everything I had planned outside got cancelled, which means more time for the Wagon! My wife had her own projects she wanted to finish up that didn’t include me so I had a lot of time to work on the battlewagon this weekend. It may not look like a lot got done but it’s all small work, as you’ll see in the pics today.

I finished the platform for the Kill Kannon (yeah) and decorated the gun up. I want to do something to the barrel too (orkify) but no sure what to do yet. Barbed wire might be part of it. I thought of hanging a sign, but that would get in the way of anything standing under it on the deck. maybe some kind of “armor plating” that wraps around the gun tube in a few places. I’m just not sure. While I think about that I started work on the engine area.

Gotta have somewhere for the grot riggers to hang out right? MIght as well put’em where they’ll do the most good. Angle iron, the drop plate from the front of the Land Raider, some bits from the bikes shoota housings, sprue and some scrap plasticard rounds out the grot riggers platform and makes the engine look a little more orky and less Imperial. I also put on some mudflaps, they might not stay, I’m undecided. What do you folks think?

I also fiished up the big shoota guns as you can see in the bottom image.

Ahhhh. The deff roller is the hardest part of this whole vehicle – well, not the hardest art, but the most labor intense. I suppose any type of circle or curved surface is tricky since most of the plastic we use is flat panels, and that usually works well for orks. The deff roller is more sophisticated as it’s made up of many, curves panels and care needs to be taken so it looks “right”. What ever that is…

Almost all of Sunday was used to design/assemble the roller up to this point. Did I mention that I have a tendency to agonize over nearly every decision and cut I do? This makes anything I do take three times longer. I also spent an hour punching out literally hundreds of rivets. Yeah – my hands are tired. Rivets are the surest sign of dedication to an ork modeler.

Earlier in the roller process – for scale.

How it sits now.

I took way more photos of the process over the weekend and I’ll eventually to a start-to-finish on my website when this is all said and done.