Big Shoota

More Battlewagon Armor

Did a bunch of patchy work. Added some random panels to the topside, I’m going to add a few straps across the top too to break it up even more and give it another layer of depth/detail.

I also started on the side panels and front details. The eyes/teeth are from a previous battlewagon attempt and now that I see this pic, I don’t think they work right. I’m going to add the bottom teeth in the typical manner and find a way to incorporate the eyes, but right now it just looks funny. They’ll be coming off.

Looking back at what I’ve accomplished so far gives me greater respect for those (krooza, Lemmingspawn, jamsessionein, just to name a few that have inspired me to finally start this) who churn these types of things out on a daily basis (or so it would seem). My fingers have taken a beating – and I haven’t even started the rivets! My mind is constantly being challenged to either use something creatively or create something new that matches what’s in my head.

It\’s pretty cool though to see the process, especially when I can look back at this blog so readily and watch it progress over time – again. This becomes my inspiration at times when I just look at it and say “this isn’t looking very good.”