Big Shoota

New Deff Rolla Design!

I frustrate myself sometimes… Cleaned out the garage in preparation for summer and found some old PVC pipe bits I’d been saving for “someday/something” and I think I found what that is, although it’ll make more work for me.

Part of me never really liked the diameter of the deff rolla I’ve been working on, too weedy. This will be the base for my new roller. Of course, in great ork mek fashion, I’ll find a use (already have an idea for the front of a Rhino/trukk) for the parts. Bothers me though that I’ll be starting over on that part but I feel better knowing it’ll look better too.

PVC Chunk

In Comparison

Temporary placement… Yeah, this looks better, scale wise.

I did have some progress though with the big shootas. Found parts to use as mounts and magnetized them. I wish you could still take the twin linked big shootas as they looked much cooler.

I love tiny magnets! I’ve got ideas already for the rokkit mounts too.

How it sits now, with boyz for scale. Looking much more battlewagon-y.