Bommer wing in for repairs…

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Small progress last night on the bommer. Would have gotten more finished but I stumbled a few times, silly mistakes, all recoverable with a little time and grousing.

My last few large Apocalypse projects have taught me a little about “overbuilding and over engineering” these types of models. The problem comes with them usually being mixed-material things. Metals, many types of plastics, wires, rubber. The problem comes from getting some things to stick to others. PVC is a great, strong building material and it comes in tubes which is very handy for rokkets, engines, silos, aircraft bodies, etc. The problem with pvc is almost nothing sticks to it very well, hence one of the reasons it’s used on the plumbing industry.

PVC to PVC with PVC glue sticks like they’ve been welded together, but I’m not attaching pvc to pvc. Polystyrene glues don’t adhere well to pvc – super glues are only slightly better than that. Epoxies work reasonably well but are still prone to shearing effects. This leaves us with sheet screws as our absolute best methods for attaching things to pvc. Things aren’t going anywhere without a lot of force. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on throwing this thing from across the room to come crashing down on the table (cool image though) but I do want it to be stable and durable enough to play with and move/transport without having to build in special compartments to hold it’s own glue tubes for repairs every game.

So that long winded distraction brings me around to my point/rule for building large items w/pvc. I try to attach polystyrene to the pvc with screws where ever I can and try to hide the screws afterward.Plumbers putty and two-part epoxies are my second tier adhesives. After that it’s super glues (very rarely though) and I try to use polystyrene glues only on styrene. Once I can wrap everything that’s [i]not[/i] styrene with styrene, then I can start all the details and work with the plasticard normally.

Ramble over…..

Here’s what I [i]did[/i] get done last night. I removed the outer engines, after a little cursing, and fixed the angle on the starboard wing. Then I glues large square channel to the wing panels. This channel perfectly fit over the stabilizing tubes (thank Mork), well, at least one from each side (dang Gork). The channels simply slide onto the tubes and I’ll glue everything thing down when they’re finished.

Blasta bommer

bomma wing

Ork Bomma

Most of the actual stress will be on the tubes between the second and outer engines so I’m not worried about the panels having to be super strong. When I’m done building the outer wing sections they’re get epoxied to the inner set of engines to make the best connection. The panels will add to some rigidity to the whole construction when done.

Almost done with the main wing super structure!

Blasta Bomma

I just have to finish the outer wing tips, then I’ll move on to the back end of the fuselage and fill that out and start the tail section. Once all the main structures are finished I’ll start from the nose and work my way back adding in all the details (like flying deff aresenals!)


New digs for hobby workbench

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OK dokey. 50 Hour Trivia Marathon is over. The house is back to normal and I’ve got the lions share of the modeling stuff setup in the new hobby room. Here’s the situation before. One small hutch and a large computer desk (at left, out of frame) that I shared with my wife. Most everything that didn’t fit inside the cabinet was stashed/hidden in different closets all over the house.


Aaaaand the after.

New hobby bench

airbrush station

better painting

Starting from the left. Cutting/building station. Anything dealing with actual building is done here. I’ll be replacing this small artists table son with a metal table that’s a little larger. I have yet to unload all the boxes and tools that will be set up here. There’ll also be power strips up either side of the table so I can plug in small powertools/hairdryers/drills. etc. easily and hang them over the edge of the table.

Display case #1

Computer desk. $25 on Craigslist. I love Craigslist. Computer and gaming books are here.

Display case #2

Painting Hutch: This is the original one from upstairs only this time it houses only stuff for painting.

Airbrush Station. This is a multifunctional space. I will use this as a small photo studio for taking pics when I’m not using it for an airbrush stand. I’ve got an old range hood from a kitchen remodel my wife and I did years ago that will be placed on top with some filters placed around and on top. This will allow me to airbrush indoors as it’ll be vented and filtered. I am very, very excited about this portion of the expansion.

Now that I’ve got a dedicated work area where I can leave unfinished projects out I can start focusing on my blasta bomber project. 🙂

I’ll be finishing the painting on the two slavers and Mek Boy in the next week. I’m kinda looking forward to getting back into the swing of things 40K related.


Mek Boy and Runtherders

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I’ve been on a bit of a break from active modeling/gaming lately as other aspects of my life become priorities. My wife is buying an advertising agency, we’re getting ready for a 50 hour trivia marathon (which we host a 20 person team from our house), and I’m planning a 32 man bar tournament – they’ve all pretty much kept me away from the bench. I kinda welcome the break to be honest. I’ve got about a dozen projects started know and it bothers me to have so many “open” at once.

Since I don’t know when, or how much time I’ll have available to me at any one moment, I decided to grab three miscellaneous models from my unpainted stock and figured I’d putter away at them piecemeal until they’re done. I’ve chosen two slavers and a Mekboy with a KMB. All models I will be fielding more often so figured I’d gettem up to par.

Skin done.

Grot herders and Kustom Mega Blasta Mek Boy

This won’t last for long though. after the trivia contest next week my meks work/paint shop will be relocating to it’s own room downstairs (finally!). My wife is taking over the office upstairs and I’ll be taking over the “rumpus/sewing” room. It’ll be nice to spread out again and have everything I need at easy reach without having to dig through multiple closets and various storage spaces hidden around the house. This will take about a week or two so the shop will be closed till I get everything in place in the new room. I can’t wait!


Runtherder and Battlewagon Krew

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Ok, quick update – I’m not dead, just really busy.

Did manage in the last three weeks to wrap up the crew for the stock battlewagon and started the runtherder for the grot mob I did a while back. The runtherder is a really nice model with lots of detail and character, much like the rest of the new ork sculpts. Very well done GW. I’m doing him in small parts as to not go crazy trying to figure everything out at once. I’m also trying to practice a little with some NNM (non-metallics metal) and still have a long way to go.

I also need to paint the deff rolla before I can call the stock battlewagon completely finished. Again, not a huge rush as I’ve got very little hobby time at the moment.

Here’s the pics!

Runtherder WIPS

Grot Slaver

And the Battlewagon Crew

Ork battlewagon crew

battlewagon big shootas


10K Ork Army – Red Jack’s Waaagh!

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OK, as with every Thanksgiving weekend, I took a full army shot as well as assessed my army in total, painted and unpainted. Here’s the entire painted portion of my army…

Ork ARmy Waaagh!

6,800 Points of Ork Waaagh!

This is roughly 6,800 points – without pushing wargear and of course not including possible formations.

Here’s everything I have that’s assembled/field-able (meaning not in pieces or unfinished assembling)


Ork Waaagh!

Red Jack's Waaagh! 10,000 + Points

This is a total of 10,190 points. I was kinda surprised to see I had broken the 10K mark this year but as seeing there’s 4 new Apocalypse units and and addition of two more Killa Kan mobs I suppose it shouldn’t have.

Here’s a close up shot.

Waaagh! Close up

Close up of Ork Army

If anyone wants to see any closeups, I did take a bunch of shots and can post more if you all want. Just let me know.

So at Thanksgiving end of 2010, here’s the stats for Red Jack’s Waaagh!

Painted: 6797 points
Unpainted: 3393 points

Total Army Points: 10,190

Not too shabby. I’m hoping to keep the amount of unpainted work at 1/3rd or less of my total army, I guess that means more painting now and less building 😉


Got some work done last night…

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All right, got some work done last night. No, I didn’t do any work, I got some done last night…

Ork Tattoo

Ork Tattoo

I’ve been threatening to get this done for about two years and finally pulled the trigger. Turned out better than I could have hoped for. Here’s a scale pick so you know where it went. It’s lower half of my left upper arm.

Warhammer 40K Tattoo

Warhammer 40K Tattoo

Took about 2 hours and didn’t hurt anymore than any of the others and of course, I’ll do more tattoos but no more 40K related ones in the idea cue.