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On the Big Mek Drawing Board

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Took some time during lunch to sketch out and do a scale drawing of the bommer today.

I’ve blocked out the basics – enough so I can confidently start transferring it to some full size graphed paper and making patterns for the interior ribbing. I went back through both of pox’s threads on this beasts and have made a few technical decisions ahead of time. I’ve ordered a tabletop tripod (great idea pox) and I plan on making the wings removable for transport/storage. I have a plan…

Off to the hardware store for pvc pipe!

10K Ork Army – Red Jack’s Waaagh!

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OK, as with every Thanksgiving weekend, I took a full army shot as well as assessed my army in total, painted and unpainted. Here’s the entire painted portion of my army…

Ork ARmy Waaagh!

6,800 Points of Ork Waaagh!

This is roughly 6,800 points – without pushing wargear and of course not including possible formations.

Here’s everything I have that’s assembled/field-able (meaning not in pieces or unfinished assembling)


Ork Waaagh!

Red Jack's Waaagh! 10,000 + Points

This is a total of 10,190 points. I was kinda surprised to see I had broken the 10K mark this year but as seeing there’s 4 new Apocalypse units and and addition of two more Killa Kan mobs I suppose it shouldn’t have.

Here’s a close up shot.

Waaagh! Close up

Close up of Ork Army

If anyone wants to see any closeups, I did take a bunch of shots and can post more if you all want. Just let me know.

So at Thanksgiving end of 2010, here’s the stats for Red Jack’s Waaagh!

Painted: 6797 points
Unpainted: 3393 points

Total Army Points: 10,190

Not too shabby. I’m hoping to keep the amount of unpainted work at 1/3rd or less of my total army, I guess that means more painting now and less building 😉


Stock GW Battlewagon Update

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Thanks Doc! The grass is a bit green – it’s GW’s flock so tends to be a bit bright. I can live with it.

Things have been a bit on the slow side for me in the hobby world as Real Life has gotten very, very busy as of late. I’ve got some very exciting things going on and want to take two lines to let you know about them.

One: My wife, along with another coworker, is buying the advertising agency we’ve both worked for for over 10 years. The owner is ready to retire and we’re taking over. That means a lot of time spent doing other things like buying a business! Makes me feel a bit old and all “responsible” like. Weird, I guess I’ve always considered my self as I have when I was 15 years old.

Two: I’m organizing/hosting a Warhammer40K Pub Tournament in the vein of  The Kalm Before the Waaagh! in Huntsville, Alabama. As much as I’d like to just waltz on down there and partake, it probably wont happen so I’m hosting my own in central Minnesota. I’ve been in touch with Da Reddaneks who run the Kalm and they’ve been extremely helpful and encouraging and they’re a bunch of great guys. It doesn’t happen until June of 2011 but there’s a lot to get ready.

So – short term, we’re buying a business – long term, I’m organizing a 30 person bar tournament. Doesn’t leave much for modeling but that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any…

I decided after the Apoc units I’d finish off the stock GW battlewagon I was working on. I’ve gone back over the metals and finished off the tracks and wheels. Not hugely different but it is another step towards completion. On to the pics!

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

I do have a 5K Apocalypse battle to get prepared for (15,000 per side) so I’m not completely out of the gaming side either, just not as much as usual. And, as promised, I’ll be doing the full on End of the Year Army Shot next week over Thanksgiving weekend so that should be fun as well.


Finished Apocalypse Models!

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OK, back in the saddle again…

Finished up the Apoc models I was working on, wrapping up the paintjob on the second Pulsa Rokkit. Nice to have them finished.

Ork Pulsa Rokkets and Skullammer Tanks

Ork Pulsa Rokkets and Skullammer Tanks

Too big to fit all of them on my workbench at the same time so took over the kitchen table for a group shot. Fun to use a warboss as a Barry for the shot, to give you a sense of scale.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays I’ll be bringing the good work camera home and settin up another {Year’s End) shot of the entire (painted) Waaagh! and I’ll post’em of course.

Now I need to see if I feel like painting (finishing up some models) or building new things (more Stormboys of Killer Kans).


Pulsa Rokkets!

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OK – got a bit of a break. The guy I was building the other skullhammer and pulsa rokkit for can’t make the Apoc game this weekend so I only need to finish one of them. I could try and take both but because of the way the points are structured, it doesn’t make any sense. Besides, I’d rather take the other SKullhammer that;s finished already instead!

I hauled ass to get this thing where it is now – about 85% done. The whatever they are on the top aren’t painted, I can live with that. Not my best work, but as I stated at the beginning of these, how many times a year am I going to use these? On to the final pic…

Ork Pulsa Rokket

Ork Pulsa Rokkit

I’ll take some pics tomorrow of what I’m bringing to the game – nearly everything is painted so I’m pretty pleased about that.


Got some work done last night…

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All right, got some work done last night. No, I didn’t do any work, I got some done last night…

Ork Tattoo

Ork Tattoo

I’ve been threatening to get this done for about two years and finally pulled the trigger. Turned out better than I could have hoped for. Here’s a scale pick so you know where it went. It’s lower half of my left upper arm.

Warhammer 40K Tattoo

Warhammer 40K Tattoo

Took about 2 hours and didn’t hurt anymore than any of the others and of course, I’ll do more tattoos but no more 40K related ones in the idea cue.



by on July, 18, 2010 in Apocalypse, Skullhammer Tank - Comments Off on Scrapification

Started the armoring and scrapification of the first tank…







Yes, a bit sloppy, but that’s what I’m going for. No one will mistake this for any other kind of unit on the table. Depending on schedule I’m hoping to be painting these things by next weekend. We’ll see.


Red Paint and Checks

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I’m back from vacation and work has slowly restarted on Red Jack’s Battlewagon. As I wrote in my blog yesterday, the battlewagon’s in it’s awkward stage where it’s paint job looks too clean and parts are unpainted and it may be tough to envision what the end product will look like. That’s alright, I know it’s gonna rock when it’s done.

I’ve finally started on the details – checks and glyphs. There are some areas that are not started yet – the boarding plank, the rear deck and exhaust areas. This is because I’m unsure what I want there yet. I’m in the middle of over-analyzing how I’m going to do he rust effect and how to paint the engine housing. I still need to paint the edges of the glyphs and do some research into what I want to put on the big open areas – I eft them open on purpose so I could scrawl graffiti on it, not sure what I want it to say yet. “Die ‘Umie Scun” and “Da Big Waaagh!” are some of the ideas floating around in my head right now.

I know it’s lookin’ all pretty and fresh looking but that’ll change once everything has had a once over, then the dirt/grease/paint/blood will fly!

Ork Battlewagon Complete

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Well, 5 months, 114 uploaded photos, at least three pots each of Scab Red, Red Gore, Blood Red, Boltgun Metal and 5 pots of Chaos Black later, I’m calling it finished.

After looking at the boyz last joyride I noticed the hydraulic arms on the roller looked a little weedy so I wrapped them in rusty barbed wire and now they look a little more menacing. I finished the “monacle” (hehe) and glued down the grot rigger salvaged from my ex-Looted Russ.

Although I’ve called it finished for now (I have a tournament in two weeks and it fits my loadout now) I do have plans for a few more add-ons such as a reinforced ram that looks like two giant Squiggoth tusks protruding out of either side where the roller attaches. I might actually make the ‘ard case someday and I will make bolt on rokkits as well. Gotta love the magnets!

Looking around at comparable sized models I’m almost thinking this thing could be the size of a Baneblade. I\’m still waiting to see one in person to make a comparison. If it is, I’ll make this a Skullhamma variant and start work on the other tank models I picked up earlier this year to make more wagons/battlewagons until the official kit comes out next year.

And now, the quick and dirty finishing shots.

Deff Rolla Rocks!

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Deff rolla rocks. I’ve actually taken photos during each step of the finishing of the roller. The plates started off with with a primer black base.

For the first two layers I used a wet version of dry brushing. The brush was wet and paint had been thinned down as normal, only I brushed the colors over tops of everything in very broad and almost all encompassing strokes.

IN ORDER: Tin Bits, Straight Boltgun Metal, hightlights with Chainmail.

IN ORDER: Mithril on highest highest parts and outlined edges and edges of spikes to give depth/dimension, first “magic wash” with black, second “magic wash” with Chestnut Ink.

The Mithril might seem, at first glance, to be a bit bright for an orky vehicle but my experience with washing and sealing with a matte spray (Testors Dullcote) one needs to bring your highlights up at least on or two levels higher than you think since the spray will knock back high spots considerably.

Here it is with the roller in place, I’ve already painted to the arms to match.

The rusted chain is your standard hobby jewelry chain primed black, wet brushed with Dark Flesh, Vermin Brown and then sparsely washed with Fiery Orange.

After test fitting the chain (meaning “wrapping it around ten different times”) I found where I wanted it to start and end. I prepped the start/end points by scraping away a small spot down to the bare plastic so the glue holds well. I glued one end in place, wrapped the chain and glued the other end. The chain is spot glued down in a few areas to keep the chain from slipping too much and coming loose or slipping over the spikes and comming loose.

I then used a short piece of tubing cut vertically to create two end covers to protect the bolts that adhere the chain. At least thats by excuse – in reality it just covers the ugly glue down.

Here’s the wrapped and painted roller.

The boyz got so excited at this point they just had to take the thing out for a ride. Mighty purdy dey iz! And yes, as per the 2nd Edition rules, it will hold 20 boyz.

I’ve got a few things to finish off before calling it complete – paint the spotlight “eye”, paint the lighting bolts on the roller arms and finish painting the bolt-on big shootas. All in all, I should be finished with it this week.