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New Deff Rolla Design!

by on April, 21, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on New Deff Rolla Design!

I frustrate myself sometimes… Cleaned out the garage in preparation for summer and found some old PVC pipe bits I’d been saving for “someday/something” and I think I found what that is, although it’ll make more work for me.

Part of me never really liked the diameter of the deff rolla I’ve been working on, too weedy. This will be the base for my new roller. Of course, in great ork mek fashion, I’ll find a use (already have an idea for the front of a Rhino/trukk) for the parts. Bothers me though that I’ll be starting over on that part but I feel better knowing it’ll look better too.

PVC Chunk

In Comparison

Temporary placement… Yeah, this looks better, scale wise.

I did have some progress though with the big shootas. Found parts to use as mounts and magnetized them. I wish you could still take the twin linked big shootas as they looked much cooler.

I love tiny magnets! I’ve got ideas already for the rokkit mounts too.

How it sits now, with boyz for scale. Looking much more battlewagon-y.

Armor Plates and Drivers Compartment

by on April, 18, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Armor Plates and Drivers Compartment

Finished off the other side armor and redid the “face”. Much happier with where it\’s at now. Very Gork-y. I’ll be painting the lens of the searchlight a fractured green or blue. Not sure yet.

Digging through the bits boxes and came across this.

That’s right, I’m on the lookout for the Goff Rockers now…. Hehehe.


by on April, 17, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Rivets!!!


Ok, I put down some rivets, big and small. I’m liking the way it “fills out” the character here. I started working on the other side armor, creating a pretty looking ork glyph for the front plate (IMO). Now I’m jonesin’ to pick up a paint brush but all in due time, I guess.

I’m starting to rethink the front window/drivers compartment plate. I don’t think it’s imposing enough and I really want to work in the eyes/grimacing look to match the great big teef in the front. I’ll most likely chop that off this weekend and build something new for it. Mud Duck mentioned the searchlights on either side earlier – I think I’ll go with one search light on the right (while looking at it) and a view slit on the left, like in the bottom photo.

I’m also second guessing the scale/style of the armor plates in front of the bolt on big shootas positions around the top deck. I’ve finally got some ideas as to how I’m going to do them, just need to pick up/create some parts.

Here\’s the link to my new tutorial so it’s easy to find.

Tutorial can be found here.

Deff Rolla work and Kill Kannon

by on April, 14, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Deff Rolla work and Kill Kannon

The nice thing about working on something so large is if I get bored/frustrated/uninspired with one thing, I can always pick another part to work on until inspiration strikes again! The mechanicals for the deff roller is done, it rolls and is removable. The photos below show the particulars and where/how it attaches. I know that I’ll be putting on plates, spikey bits and rivets, I just haven’t the image in my mind of what they should look like yet soooo….. I’ll move in to the upper deck and the railings.

Before I show how that*’s going, I want to show you my latest find. TADAH!

This is a 1:72 giant German gun. In regular 1:32/35 scale this would be way too big for something of the scale I need for a battlewagon (Gargant, yes), but in 1:72 it fits perfectly as my Kill Kannon. I sticky tacked it together to show the scale and general placement for the gun. Since it will be magnetized I can also use it as a Boom Gun on regular looted wagon. Two weapons in one! The extra bits I’m not using for this build should yield me an extra looted wagon/truck combo and or a buggy as the smaller scale Panzer Ammo Carrier frame is too small to become a full fledged tank on it’s own and I think I might use the base for a rokkit buggy. Who knows?

In the pics for the placement of the big gun is the first of the railings I’ll be putting up to keep the boyz from falling off. The last pic shows the inside detail. Oh yeah, there’s some rivets too! I picked up a leather punch and found out how dedicated one must be to make the hundreds of rivets that adorn all the orky vehicles out there. Whew!

Deff Rolla Construction

by on April, 07, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Deff Rolla Construction

Made some progress over the weekend on the deff roller and had a little mini-vacation with the missus! Overall, a good weekend.

The first pic today is a composite showing some in process while making the rollers themselves. The first inset is the armature end that connects the rollers to the connecting arms. The red bars show where the rods will stop up against the plastic card inside to give it more stability and strength.

The others are the rollers, capped, and then the detail plates and capper glyphs for the end of the outside rollers.

The last couple are the model shown with the roller in place to see how it fits. I’ll have to shorten up the connecting arms and I’m still trying to work out how I want the ends to look, the parts that go up into the body. I’ll have to hide a couple of magnets too so I\’m going around and around in my head on how to do that.

I’m also on the hunt for a rotary leather punch tool to make rivets. It seems that’s the one final detail missing here to make this thing really look orky. I can’t seem to find one in town so off to Amazon.com I go…

Battle Damage

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I’m pretty happy with how this thing’s turning out. Took a while to start “realizing” it, but I think I’ve finally got it. I unleashed the Dremel last night and went to town. It might seem like it’s not battle damaged enough but I want to save some open space to do Orky graffiti somewhere. “Die ‘umie scum”, and the like.

I also redid the front end. Those other teef just weren’t doing it. These are much more Gork-y (or is it Mork-y?) I’m not sure about loosing the “eyes” though as putting in the angry looking one eye looks was something I wanted, the single slit drivers window doesn’t allow for that. I might just go back and redo that part to give’m agood set of grimacy eyes.

I also took pictures of it next to the ork trukk for scale. This thing’s gonna be a monster to paint. I’m thinking of asking a friend with and airbrush to do the base coats to save me some time. I know I could spray can it but I think that goes on quite a bit thicker that an airbrush can and I want to minimize any detail loss.

Side Note: I hate it when I think I’m done with something, then look at the pictures and realize I forgot something. Grrrr. I need to add the banding straps to the top deck yet. At least there’s still time.

More Battlewagon Armor

by on April, 02, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on More Battlewagon Armor

Did a bunch of patchy work. Added some random panels to the topside, I’m going to add a few straps across the top too to break it up even more and give it another layer of depth/detail.

I also started on the side panels and front details. The eyes/teeth are from a previous battlewagon attempt and now that I see this pic, I don’t think they work right. I’m going to add the bottom teeth in the typical manner and find a way to incorporate the eyes, but right now it just looks funny. They’ll be coming off.

Looking back at what I’ve accomplished so far gives me greater respect for those (krooza, Lemmingspawn, jamsessionein, just to name a few that have inspired me to finally start this) who churn these types of things out on a daily basis (or so it would seem). My fingers have taken a beating – and I haven’t even started the rivets! My mind is constantly being challenged to either use something creatively or create something new that matches what’s in my head.

It\’s pretty cool though to see the process, especially when I can look back at this blog so readily and watch it progress over time – again. This becomes my inspiration at times when I just look at it and say “this isn’t looking very good.”

Engine Compartment and Deck Plating

by on March, 31, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Engine Compartment and Deck Plating

I boxed in the drivers area and engine compartment finally. Somedays I wish I had drawn everything up before hand and had a plan with this but that wouldn’t be very Orky would it? I spend a lot of time just staring at this thing, waiting for something to come to me. Not a bad thing, really. I find going through my bitz box repeatedly helps inspire me too.

I finished the engine compartment and painted it since I’ll be screening it in and won\’t be able to get at it later. I’ve also done some work on the top surface. I need to add some extra bolt on panels over the current ones to add to that patchy look.

I did get started on the side armor panels but don’t have any photos yet. Maybe by the and of the week.

Deff Rolla, Kill Kannon and Armor Plating

by on March, 24, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Deff Rolla, Kill Kannon and Armor Plating

I spent a lot of time this weekend drawing and cutting foamcore. After going around and around with many different design ideas, I came to the conclusion that GW’s Forgeworld version is pretty dang good and as good as any base design, so that’s where I’m going to work towards.

It took me forever to decide what to do with the drivers compartment and I figured out where to put connections for the deff roller to come. I chose the first picture (top) as that looks beefier. I read a passage this weekend in the Ork Codex about vehicles having spikey bits representing tusks to mimic the Squiggoths and was inspired to make a set of “tusks” that will protrude out of the same sockets that will attach the deff roller arms. Maybe I can find a way to work them somewhere else when the deff roller is on, we’ll see.

I’ve got the drivers compartment housing started and I’m working on the track covers and the shielding for the deff roller attachment points that will be on top of the tracks, next to the drivers extension. The top two photos show the foamcore testing and placement of a Kannon and a “Killkannon” for size comparisons along with a boy for scale. All weapons as well as a ‘ard Case for this will be modular/magnetized.

Battlewagon Exhausts

by on March, 20, 2008 in Heavy Support, Scratchbuilt Battlewagon - Comments Off on Battlewagon Exhausts

Got the smokestacks done last night. Not the smoothest operation, I tell ya. made two mistakes be recovered from them OK. One was using two part epoxy to attach the stacks to the mounting plates. They’re two different type of plastic so I know regular polystyrene glue wouldn’t hold. The two part simply slid right off after it set. I guess there wasn’t enough contact area or bite in the surfaces. I ended up using gap filling super glue and I’ll paint the glue marks as welds. Very Orky!

The other was I glued a set of stacks on the mounting plate backwards. Instead of peeling them off I rounded all the edges and made a new, thicker plate for them to rest on. They seem alright now.

I got the engine top plate in place and now looking around for what to put up against it interior wise. I’ve got scraps to look through, I just didn’t have that much time before calling it a night. I did dry fit some foamcore to test drivers compartment designs and Deff Roller scale. This is easier and cheaper (the foamcore) for me as I can get foamcore for nearly free where I work. I’m not digging the deisgn yet, I’ll have to look around and sketch a few things before moving forward there.

I’m also looking at how the deff roller will attach. It\’ll be tricky as I want a wide roller (more impressive looking) but where to attach a wider roller will take some planning. The blue/black hinged thing on top is a print cartridge holder from a cheap printer that I’ll repurpose for a boarding plank.

I might not get to spend anymore time with this untill Sat or Sun so be patient for updates. I told you it’ll be somewhat slow.