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Finalized Ork Bommer Tail

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Got some time tonight to  work on the blasta bommer. I knocked out the base shapes for the tail – this should clear up a couple of questions floating around. Badfangs suggestion about raising the tail engines up so they’re not directly in line with the front engines was a good one. I accomplished it in a slightly different manner though.

The lower tail tips are only poster tacked in place as I don’t have enough of the right size channel to assemble them the way I want to – sandwich technique much like the front wings. This shows the general shape and position of everything now.

I’m on vacation now for a week so there will be no more progress for the next 8 days as I’ll be kicking it lakeside with beer, books and food. Once I get the framework on the tail done I’ll start paneling the beast, then the detail work beginning with the Deff Arsenal in the nose. That’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Enough of my rambling, here’s the pics.

Blaster Bomma Tail

Blast bomma tail
Blasta Bomma Tail

Ork Blasta Bomma Tail


Blasta Bommer Tail Work

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Got a little work done tonight – won’t look like much but it’s a bit further along than last night.

Did the rolled portion of the wings leading edges. I sliced a styrene tube lengthwise and trimmed it to fit and glued it to the open edges.

Ork Blasta Bommer

Then I went after the rear engine assembly. I received these engines from a friend – they’re Forgeworld fighter engines, just made from a different material ( 😉 ), drilled through and slotted with two metal bars cut from the cross members from those stupid political signs you see in the front yards around election time. I finally found a good use for them.

Apocalypse Flyer

I also finished the interior ribbing for the tail of the plane. Then next couple of shots show the bird put together with the tail engines in place. The metal bars will also give me a very solid and structurally sound frame to attached the rest of the polystyrene wings to.

Apocalypse Flyer
Apocalypse Flyer
Apocalypse Flyer
Apocalypse Flyer

The last couple show the rear turret temporarily attached with poster tack for placement. And before anyone asks, it’s the nose from a toy from Disneys Atlantis movie. I picked up couple over the years at garage sales and the like for probably a buck or less. Worked perfectly!


Making Orky Jet Engines

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Spent 2 hours last night making the primary engine intakes. Fiddly work but it’ s got to be done! Here’s how I did it.

There’s a couple of different ways to do turbine blades. Some of them include math and geometry. Mine include neither! I completely guessed (as any good mek does) on the number of blades and how to make them even. I choose 12 fan blades.

I started by cutting out 5 similar sized disks. Two for behind the fan blades to glue to and three for cutting the fan blades from. I didn’t do any magic measuring of fancy stuff to come up with cutting 8 pie shapes from each. I just wanted to make sure they overlapped a bit and I figured if I squished four more slices into a circle originally dissected by 8, there should be some overlap. If you understood that well enough, here’s your degree!

I cut the three disks into pie shapes and then cut the tips of each off. Things get really tight at the center of the turbine if you don’t do this. Trying to stack 12 layers of plastic in the middle of the circle will only cause problems so away they go. We’ll be covering this part with bullety shaped part anyway.

I made a time-wasting mistake with my first turbine blade by laying the first blade down, the the next – and on and on – until I reached the first one and tried to slide the last blade under the first one. Didn’t work. It was nearly impossible to align the blades evenly this way and the glue had a tendency to set more than I would have liked by the time I got all the way around, causing sticky problems. Then i hit on this idea…

1. Draw out the radians so I know where to line up the fan blades.
2. Glue all the fan blades in place with them all standing up. This was much quicker as I didn’t need to worry about jostling the other blades and it was easier to see the markings. (the original wreck of a turbine is upper right)
3. I used the back end of my exacto knife to push the blades down on one another a little at a time. Since the glue was still soft-ish, but still sticky enough to keep t from sliding, the fans kinda hinged down against each other. This kept the blades in place and they automatically went down to the farthest angle possible n their own without any measuring.
4. Leaving me with this. These are both, finished turbines. Not perfect (I’ve seen much better) but will work for me.

Here’s the turbines now glued in place. I just hotglued them in place, they didn’t need anything more complicated. I’ll be making a rounded edge using putty just like pox did in his build. No need to remake the wheel. Depending on how well this masks the gap between the fan blades and the housing wall, I might try to find a gubbin that will ring the housing to cover it a little – we’ll see what the bitz box has.

Ork Blasta Bommer Tripod Modification

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My tripod came in yesterday and got the chance to get it ready late last night. Here now, in excruciating. boring detail, is how I modified the tripod for my bommer.

Here’s the original tripod, maybe $20 tops online (Amazon.com I think). It’s rated to hold up to 2 pounds but after getting it in the mail and wrenching around with it for a bit I think that is determined by the swiveling head and not the actual tripod support legs themselves.

The stand itself is pretty sturdy. When I was finished I “stress” tested the hold by putting the plane as it is so far on it for normal use, then stacked my two skullhammers on top (as best I could) with different weight distributions and not only did the connection hold fine, the balance stayed pretty stable as well. I’m not worried about this thing falling over one bit.

I disassembled the multi-axis head down to it’s component parts. I wanted to see if I could keep the swiveling aspect of the pan head since this will give me more placement options on the table with the skinny legs, then simply turn the plane in the direction I need. The part I’m most interested in is the center pivot/swivel joint. I need this (the black part) to fit inside the threaded pvc connector.

Ten minutes with the bench grinder and viola! The head part fits snugly inside the pvc connector. I drilled a matching hole in the pvc connector so I could pass the lock down screw through it. Because of the way the lock screw was designed, I had to cut the edges of that down so the threads could meet the original swivel head part inside the pvc connector.

I applied a pit of plumbers putty inside the pvc connector and made sure I spread a thin coating around the inside barrel portion of the connector, then shoved the pan head part into it, centered it on the lock screw hole and added some more putty around the bottom for good measure. After curing I put the whole thing together for testing.

As I mentioned earlier, My biggest concern was “is this gonna hold? Did I cheap out too much and not get a sturdy enough tripod?” My fears were quickly put to rest. Because I changed the way the tripod connection system worked, the listed weight limit for the pod was pretty much nullified. I put some pretty good pressure on that thing, to point where I was going to break something, and it held just fine.

Here’s scale shot of the finished support system with a little Barry boy for fun.

I’ve started cutting parts for the main engines (as seen in the last pic) and will be starting work on them today. I might switch to the nose for some variety – besides, I’m excited to see all the weapons I can cram into the Deff Arsenal!

On the Big Mek Drawing Board

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Took some time during lunch to sketch out and do a scale drawing of the bommer today.

I’ve blocked out the basics – enough so I can confidently start transferring it to some full size graphed paper and making patterns for the interior ribbing. I went back through both of pox’s threads on this beasts and have made a few technical decisions ahead of time. I’ve ordered a tabletop tripod (great idea pox) and I plan on making the wings removable for transport/storage. I have a plan…

Off to the hardware store for pvc pipe!

10K Ork Army – Red Jack’s Waaagh!

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OK, as with every Thanksgiving weekend, I took a full army shot as well as assessed my army in total, painted and unpainted. Here’s the entire painted portion of my army…

Ork ARmy Waaagh!

6,800 Points of Ork Waaagh!

This is roughly 6,800 points – without pushing wargear and of course not including possible formations.

Here’s everything I have that’s assembled/field-able (meaning not in pieces or unfinished assembling)


Ork Waaagh!

Red Jack's Waaagh! 10,000 + Points

This is a total of 10,190 points. I was kinda surprised to see I had broken the 10K mark this year but as seeing there’s 4 new Apocalypse units and and addition of two more Killa Kan mobs I suppose it shouldn’t have.

Here’s a close up shot.

Waaagh! Close up

Close up of Ork Army

If anyone wants to see any closeups, I did take a bunch of shots and can post more if you all want. Just let me know.

So at Thanksgiving end of 2010, here’s the stats for Red Jack’s Waaagh!

Painted: 6797 points
Unpainted: 3393 points

Total Army Points: 10,190

Not too shabby. I’m hoping to keep the amount of unpainted work at 1/3rd or less of my total army, I guess that means more painting now and less building 😉


Stock GW Battlewagon Update

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Thanks Doc! The grass is a bit green – it’s GW’s flock so tends to be a bit bright. I can live with it.

Things have been a bit on the slow side for me in the hobby world as Real Life has gotten very, very busy as of late. I’ve got some very exciting things going on and want to take two lines to let you know about them.

One: My wife, along with another coworker, is buying the advertising agency we’ve both worked for for over 10 years. The owner is ready to retire and we’re taking over. That means a lot of time spent doing other things like buying a business! Makes me feel a bit old and all “responsible” like. Weird, I guess I’ve always considered my self as I have when I was 15 years old.

Two: I’m organizing/hosting a Warhammer40K Pub Tournament in the vein of  The Kalm Before the Waaagh! in Huntsville, Alabama. As much as I’d like to just waltz on down there and partake, it probably wont happen so I’m hosting my own in central Minnesota. I’ve been in touch with Da Reddaneks who run the Kalm and they’ve been extremely helpful and encouraging and they’re a bunch of great guys. It doesn’t happen until June of 2011 but there’s a lot to get ready.

So – short term, we’re buying a business – long term, I’m organizing a 30 person bar tournament. Doesn’t leave much for modeling but that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any…

I decided after the Apoc units I’d finish off the stock GW battlewagon I was working on. I’ve gone back over the metals and finished off the tracks and wheels. Not hugely different but it is another step towards completion. On to the pics!

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

Games Workshop Ork Battlewagon

Stock GW Battlewagon

I do have a 5K Apocalypse battle to get prepared for (15,000 per side) so I’m not completely out of the gaming side either, just not as much as usual. And, as promised, I’ll be doing the full on End of the Year Army Shot next week over Thanksgiving weekend so that should be fun as well.


Pulsa Rokkets!

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OK – got a bit of a break. The guy I was building the other skullhammer and pulsa rokkit for can’t make the Apoc game this weekend so I only need to finish one of them. I could try and take both but because of the way the points are structured, it doesn’t make any sense. Besides, I’d rather take the other SKullhammer that;s finished already instead!

I hauled ass to get this thing where it is now – about 85% done. The whatever they are on the top aren’t painted, I can live with that. Not my best work, but as I stated at the beginning of these, how many times a year am I going to use these? On to the final pic…

Ork Pulsa Rokket

Ork Pulsa Rokkit

I’ll take some pics tomorrow of what I’m bringing to the game – nearly everything is painted so I’m pretty pleased about that.


Paintin’em Red of Course…

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An hour of masking and about 30 min. of spray painting some of the base colors. From here it’s metals, some checks/dags and chipped paint, then wash, seal and base. Hope I can get it done in time!


Taped for painting


Taped for painting


Taped for painting


Pulsa Rokkit Tower – Shed

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Ok, enough chit chat, back to the Big Mekkin’!

Started the base work on the second pulsa over the last couple of days. I’m taking a different approach to this one. The first pulsa was all about this rokkit, this one is all about the base. Since the rokkit on this one is soooo skinny, it’s hard to come up with details for it – especially ones that won’t shear off during launch! The “detail” for this rokkit will be in the painting and most of the modeling details will be focused on the launch platform and shed.

Without further ado, here’s the base nearly finished.

Scratch Bulding Pulsa Rokkits

Pulsa Rokkit Tower

Scratch Bulding Pulsa Rokkits

Pulsa Rokkit Tower

Scratch Bulding Pulsa Rokkits

Pulsa Rokkit Tower

I just need to finish up the upper rails and do rivets and I’m calling it done. I’ve got a week left to wrap these boyz up so painting will be FAST! There’s a bunch of small things that I want to do but will have to come back to them after the Apoc game next Sat.