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Snotling Steps!

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Putzin’ around with a few small things over the last few days. Built the front nose intake. The top/bottom plate and vertical posts/vanes are glued together but poster tacked into place to hold them until the glue dries. I did this so I can remove it from the main nose plate and have access to put in all the little rokkit inside, then I’ll glue it down.

I also figured out how the wheels were going to go. They seem to be balanced enough to stay level and I’m hoping they’ll support he final weight, although I’ll rarely ever use it without the tripod. I also puttied the front plate onto the fuselage – this is what the front nose plate will be glued to.

Ork Bommer Nose

Look at the wheels, man!

Ork Blasta Bommer

Snotling steps!


Working my tail off – Part 2

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I’m working my tail off here!

I’ve now paneled up the entire tail wings. I created smaller plates using the original struts and wing panels as templates. Then I trimmed them a bit smaller and cut them into interesting shapes, sanded them a little and glued them in place. Here’s a support and the upper wings underside panels.

Bommer tail

The finished upper tail section…

Blasta Bomma Tail

And the upper tail piece glued to the engine supports.

Ork Bommer
Ork Bommer

I’m finished with the tail for the moment, I probably won’t come back to it until I’m ready to incorporate it into the fuselage.

Up next – tires, then the nose!


Working my tail off here!

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That also means…. updates!

I wanted to get the vertical stabilizers done today and that meant doing some of the detailing/paneling on the rear wing section to accomplish this. Here’s how I put it together.

I superglued the engines in place and sanded all the edges on the wing panels. Then I used H-Beams to create the slot the metal bars will slide into for support…

Blasta bommer

Then I used the same thickness of channel to create a sandwich for support.

Ork Bommer

Then I glued the top piece to the wing and used tubing to create the leading edge like I did on the forward wings. I then cut panels into smaller pieces adn glued them to the vertical stabilizer wings, then glued them in place using angle iron.

Bommer wings

Then I used two-part epoxy to glue the wing tips onto the metal bars. And a shot of the wing placed on the frame.


Ork Blasta Bommer tail

I still need to shore up the space between the engines and do a similar plating to the upper wing section. Once that’s glued into place I can move on to the wheels. After that, deff arsenal! Whooo hooo!


Finalized Ork Bommer Tail

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Got some time tonight to  work on the blasta bommer. I knocked out the base shapes for the tail – this should clear up a couple of questions floating around. Badfangs suggestion about raising the tail engines up so they’re not directly in line with the front engines was a good one. I accomplished it in a slightly different manner though.

The lower tail tips are only poster tacked in place as I don’t have enough of the right size channel to assemble them the way I want to – sandwich technique much like the front wings. This shows the general shape and position of everything now.

I’m on vacation now for a week so there will be no more progress for the next 8 days as I’ll be kicking it lakeside with beer, books and food. Once I get the framework on the tail done I’ll start paneling the beast, then the detail work beginning with the Deff Arsenal in the nose. That’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Enough of my rambling, here’s the pics.

Blaster Bomma Tail

Blast bomma tail
Blasta Bomma Tail

Ork Blasta Bomma Tail


Blasta Bommer Tail Work

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Got a little work done tonight – won’t look like much but it’s a bit further along than last night.

Did the rolled portion of the wings leading edges. I sliced a styrene tube lengthwise and trimmed it to fit and glued it to the open edges.

Ork Blasta Bommer

Then I went after the rear engine assembly. I received these engines from a friend – they’re Forgeworld fighter engines, just made from a different material ( 😉 ), drilled through and slotted with two metal bars cut from the cross members from those stupid political signs you see in the front yards around election time. I finally found a good use for them.

Apocalypse Flyer

I also finished the interior ribbing for the tail of the plane. Then next couple of shots show the bird put together with the tail engines in place. The metal bars will also give me a very solid and structurally sound frame to attached the rest of the polystyrene wings to.

Apocalypse Flyer
Apocalypse Flyer
Apocalypse Flyer
Apocalypse Flyer

The last couple show the rear turret temporarily attached with poster tack for placement. And before anyone asks, it’s the nose from a toy from Disneys Atlantis movie. I picked up couple over the years at garage sales and the like for probably a buck or less. Worked perfectly!


Full throttle to the engines!

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Spent an hour working on getting the wing/engine connector worked out. Nothing too complex really. Carefully drilled out a hole big enough to just fit the 1/2 PVC into in each engine housing. Cut some pvc and temporarily hot-glued it in place. I then used a snake of plumbers putty and sealed it up good. Let it cure for 1/2 an hour and test fit the parts.

This is a closeup of the interior of the connection to the 4-way piece inside.

It’s only getting bigger. Now that I’ve got the majority of the weight of the wings attached I find the balance is just fine. Not a wobble to it.

The missus is out for a couple of days with our daughter in Chicago so I’ll have a lot of alone time the next four days to get a bunch of work done. I’m hoping to have both wings worked out by Tues./Wed. Then I can start on the tail frame and then start thinking about the smaller details like the deff arsenal in the nose and the cockpit.

More Big Mek Engine Work

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More bommer work done after the initial spaz about the warbuggies…

Here’s some parts in subassembly stage.

I’ve gotten the putty rounding the engine cowlings done, although not the best. I should have done a one extra engine that I tested everything out on first. Could have been helpful with the bad shaping job on the first engine (you’ll know it when you look at it. I’m hoping the paint will mask some of that.


I’m going to figure out the wing attachment method next, then i can move on to the second engines that will be strapped to these. I’ll be building the general internal structure and everything that needs to be really strong first. Then I’ll go back and add all the detailing and pretty things up so most of the work at the beginning won’t be too exciting or beautiful to look at.

p.s. the internal fins at the back are from paint roller end caps. You’ll recognize these if you ever painted the inside of houses with rollers

Orky Designs of Madness

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Just to tease the living crap outta ya all. I’ve started work on the Blasta Bommer tonight. I’ve done my initial digging through my bitz boxes and did some preliminary studying of the Forgeworld Aeronautica models and re-combed through what can be found of Pox’s insane build. I’ve sketched out the general scale and I’m not making it nearly as big as Pox’s. His was nearly two feet long, mine will be a more modest 16″-18″ long with a wingspan somewhere around 20″-22″. To prove I’m not kidding, here’s the initial stage…

I’ll be making mine a combination of the features I like amongst all the options available on Forgeworld. I like the banded engines much like pox did but I like the double stacked tail fin with twin engines. I’ll be using a similar design for the nose that pox did as well. I won’t be modeling each side door gunner though for a couple reasons. One, you don’t see them that much as pox found out – and I don’t have enough of the BW gunners and really don’t feel like modeling all of them. Easier to make portholes with big shootas sticking out.

I’m actually hoping to be fairly consistent with the build on this and not let long gaps in updates. I’ll do some more preliminary scale drawings to shore up more details so I know what to build into hte main structure and I need to find a small tabletop tripod and make sure this thing is supportable.

Finished Apocalypse Models!

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OK, back in the saddle again…

Finished up the Apoc models I was working on, wrapping up the paintjob on the second Pulsa Rokkit. Nice to have them finished.

Ork Pulsa Rokkets and Skullammer Tanks

Ork Pulsa Rokkets and Skullammer Tanks

Too big to fit all of them on my workbench at the same time so took over the kitchen table for a group shot. Fun to use a warboss as a Barry for the shot, to give you a sense of scale.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays I’ll be bringing the good work camera home and settin up another {Year’s End) shot of the entire (painted) Waaagh! and I’ll post’em of course.

Now I need to see if I feel like painting (finishing up some models) or building new things (more Stormboys of Killer Kans).


Pulsa Rokkets!

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OK – got a bit of a break. The guy I was building the other skullhammer and pulsa rokkit for can’t make the Apoc game this weekend so I only need to finish one of them. I could try and take both but because of the way the points are structured, it doesn’t make any sense. Besides, I’d rather take the other SKullhammer that;s finished already instead!

I hauled ass to get this thing where it is now – about 85% done. The whatever they are on the top aren’t painted, I can live with that. Not my best work, but as I stated at the beginning of these, how many times a year am I going to use these? On to the final pic…

Ork Pulsa Rokket

Ork Pulsa Rokkit

I’ll take some pics tomorrow of what I’m bringing to the game – nearly everything is painted so I’m pretty pleased about that.